Don't Let Overgrown Trees Harm the Appearance of Your Property

Don't Let Overgrown Trees Harm the Appearance of Your Property

We offer tree trimming and tree pruning services in the Bridgeville & Millsboro, DE area

You might love the look of towering trees, but without the proper care, those trees can become dangerous. All it takes is one severe storm to send weak limbs crashing down onto your home or place of business. Monkey's in Trees, LLC offers tree trimming and pruning services in Bridgeville & Millsboro, DE and the surrounding area. Rely on us to keep your trees neatly trimmed. That way, you won't have to worry about them endangering your property or loved ones.

To learn more about our tree pruning and trimming services, contact Monkey's in Trees today. A certified arborist in Bridgeville, DE will be happy to answer your questions.

Keep your trees healthy year-round

Different trees need different kinds of care to remain healthy. When you come to us for tree pruning and trimming, we'll inspect your trees to find out what will work best for them. Our services include:

  • Crown shaping, to thin the crown without destroying the tree's natural elegance
  • Pollarding, to cut down the upper branches so your tree won't grow so high
  • Branch removal, to trim away dead or diseased branches before they can affect the rest of your tree


Call 302-519-4551 now to speak with a certified arborist about your tree trimming needs in Bridgeville, DE. We'll gladly give you a free estimate.